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Corporate close up magic is the instant ice breaker, and a remarkable entertainment that really is suitable, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!  

Working purely from his pockets, with a deck of playing cards, a few coins, rings, bottles and generally anything he can lay his hands on! 

David creates mind blowing ‘miracles’ & mini illusions right underneath the noses of your guests.  

With over 25 years of professional experience, and a multitude of awards to his name. North East magician David Diamond is in constant demand, working at corporate events and weddings, all over Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland and Northumberland. 


David can join guests at a  drinks / wedding reception. Entertain at Corporate  dining tables in- between courses, or provide a 'cabaret' type private dinning show, for those special celebrations.  

 Amazing sleight of hand and mind magic skills will create instant laughter & amazement. Putting guests completely at their ease, with something  wonderful to dicuss, ensuring lasting memories of your event. 


Call  us for  free on 0800 111 4104.