David Diamond, is considered by both his clients and peers to be one of the  'leading North East Wedding Magicians' available.

He is booked 99.9% of the time on his reputation alone, and the “awesome contribution” he makes to the success of so many weddings.  

David’s fast paced magic & mind reading will create a laughter filled atmosphere  which instantly puts everyone at ease. Adding those jaw-dropping moments that create shrieks of amazement as he works the room.  

His people and communication skills enable him to blend seamlessly with guests of all ages and social standing.

During the photographs, the wedding breakfast, evening reception or a combination of the above are the 'key' times for David to weave his spell over your guests. 



IN 2015


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Your wedding day - one of the most important days of your life!

For the first time, family and friends of all ages and all walks of  life come together. It’s important to ensure that your wedding day is remembered for all the right reasons!

Your choice of  Wedding Entertainmnet is so important to the success of your day. By giving your guests something special it will show how much you care and value their friendship, and ensure that your wedding stands out from the crowd.

You need a WOW FACTOR to create an instant and  lasting impression , so that nobody becomes bored and restless. It is after all a very long day, and there is not a great deal for your guests to do!

 The entertainment should be interactive , so that guests can  join in and  participate and feel that  they are part of the day. Enjoying themselves to the full.

As  an 'Award Winning Wedding Magician' David's magic will amaze and astound your guest's, ensuring  they have plenty to talk about, and are having the time of their lives!